This paleontology database contains detailed information on fossils and fossil localities in Alaska. It is supported through Congressional funding for the Minerals Data and Information Rescue in Alaska (MDIRA) project (often referred to as Data-at-Risk). The information utilized is derived from unpublished USGS fossil reports (the so-called E&R reports), published literature, as well as released industry data. We are entering primarily megafossil data at this time. This information is part of an effort to archive paleontological data (including legacy data rescue) and develop a fossil database and complete paleontological bibliography for the State of Alaska.

At this time one can perform a simple locality search by quadrangle. By clicking on a specific locality, one can see a list of the fauna and/or flora present, plus pertinent notes for specific taxa, as well as all detailed geographic information for each locality as given in the source report or transmittal documents. The advanced search option lets the researcher sort the data according to taxonomic content (both at the higher taxonomic group or genus level), geologic age, formation, author of report, collector, or by USGS, Museum, or field locality number.

Features to be added later include: 1.) visualization tools and 2.) a complete bibliography of Alaskan paleontological literature with partial annotations.

The website is a work in progress. We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve its usefulness. Please email any comments to: Dr. Ning Zhang or Dr. Robert B. Blodgett

Total number of entries made to date: 16296 (of estimated 24,000 localities)

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